The 25th anniversary of the Elbląg Amazons

On May 26, 2022, the Elbląg Association of Amazons celebrated its 25th anniversary. The ceremony took place in the Old Town Hall in Elbląg. The Elbląg Chamber Orchestra started the conference with Vivaldi's Four Seasons. President Danuta Tchorowska welcomed the numerous invited guests and Amazons. Dr. Zbigniew Fiedorowicz and Dr. Barbara Szostakiewicz in their lectures spoke about the new trends in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. During the ceremony, bows, statuettes and diplomas of merit for the movement of the Association were presented. Mrs. Barbara Baduro - Warszawska - president of the Union of Warmia and Mazury presented Danuta Tchorowska with the Crystal Arch of the Amazons. It is a high award of the Federation of Amazonian Associations. Teresa Gibas received the Ruby Arch of the Amazon. The decoration is awarded by the Federation of Amazon Associations to outstanding Leaders for their activities for their club. The Amber Arch of the Amazon - a decoration established for the "Friends of the Amazons", ie people of particular merit for our movement - were awarded to: President Witold Wróblewski, Dr. Iwona Ryniewicz-Zander, father Jan Rzepiel. President Danuta Tchorowska handed out statuettes and honored the most active members of the Association. The statuettes were awarded to: Elżbieta Lemańczyk, Mirosława Gagjew, Elżbieta Zimińska, Mirosława Batko. Amazons and people friends with our Association were awarded with the arches of the Amazons for the contribution and activity for our Club. In addition, we thanked with diplomas for many years of cooperation and assistance in achieving our statutory goals. Congratulations to all the awarded and distinguished persons. 

After the performances of the invited guests, who assessed our 25-year-long activity in great words, the group Cubana from the Broadway Dance School, choreographed by Katarzyna Goszka, performed.

The culmination of the ceremony was a cake prepared by the students of the Economic School Complex in Elbląg. You could visit the exhibition of paintings by the Amazon Gabriela Badurek and the artistic handicraft of the Amazon by Bożena Bilewicz.

Our beautiful and unforgettable ceremony could take place thanks to the help of our sponsors. 

The ceremony was held under the honorary patronage of: Marshal of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship Gustaw Marek Brzezin, Elbląg Starost Maciej Romanowski, President of Elbląg Witold Wróblewski

Media Patronage: Elbląg Internet Journal, Elbląg Journal

The sponsors were:

Monika Falej Member of the Polish Parliament, MEGA, Pofam Group, Braniewsko-Pasłęki Bank Spółdzielczy, INTREX Spółka Jawna, Grupa NU-med, Economic School Complex in Elbląg, Gaming - Mr. Ariel Zubiel, Elbląg Chamber Orchestra, Provincial Complex Hospital in Elbląg, Łukasz Czarnecki, Halina Sałata - councilor, Pharmacy in the Old Town - Mrs. Magdalena Jaroszyńska, Elbląg Upland Landscape Park - director Alicja Nowak, Zdzisaław Szulc - goldsmith. 

Thank you very much to all sponsors.

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