XXIV Pilgrimage of the Amazons to Jasna Gora

On October 1 - 2, 2021, the Amazons of Elbląg went on the XXIV Pilgrimage of the Amazons to Jasna Góra. On Friday, October 1, we stopped in Warsaw on the way to Częstochowa. We visited the park at the Museum of King Jan III's Palace in Wilanów. The Wilanów residence is a palace, its decorations, gardens, as well as numerous buildings and monuments, which have been erected here since 1677. The founder of this place was Jan III, the victorious king, and at the same time a lover of arts and sciences.

We drove for a short while to the Temple of Divine Providence.

Then we continued our journey to Częstochowa, where we arrived in the evening. The next day we participated in the Holy Mass in Jasna Góra meadows. This year, Jasna Góra was visited by several thousand women from all over Poland and also from neighboring countries. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Bishop Antoni Długosz. It is the greatest feast for the Amazons, we thank Our Lady of Częstochowa for God's favors, for being here and we are asking for health. 

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