Please be advised that the meetings of the Amazons take place according to the meeting schedule, i.e. on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. You're welcome.

Meetings are held in everyone 1 and 3 Friday of the month at 17.00 in the Housing Cooperative "Zakrzewo" in Elbląg at ul. Robotnicza 246.

Physical rehabilitation:

- every Monday and Tuesday at 17.00 in the Rehabilitation Center in Elbląg at ul. Królewiecka next to the Millennium Bank.
- every Thursday at 16.00 there is gymnastics in the swimming pool - Dolinka Water Recreation Center ul. St. Moniuszko 25.

All classes are conducted by specially trained rehabilitators.

ESA invites you to our office located at ul. Związek Jaszczurczy 17 room 119. Duty hours are filled every Tuesday during the hours
from 11.00 down 13.00. Here you will meet the Amazon River and you can talk about the problems you are experiencing in relation to the treatment of breast cancer.

In addition, there are meetings with a psychologist; in a group (classes are announced) and individually. On the need for an individual conversation
with a psychologist, please contact Ms Danka.

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