“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Prevention of breast cancer is based on maintaining a healthy body weight, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding tobacco and limiting the use of hormone replacement therapy. Regular breast examinations in order to detect the disease at an early stage also play a fundamental role. A breast tumor can be detected during breast self-examination, by palpation performed by a doctor or by imaging examination (mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging). "



“Breast self-examination is a fundamental, very important element in the early detection of breast cancer. It consists of two stages: viewing the condition of the breasts and tactile examination, the so-called palpation. Self-examination of the breasts should be performed systematically, preferably in the same phase of the menstrual cycle, i.e. 2-3 days
after menstruation to exclude nipple hypersensitivity and breast pain, and in the case of amenorrhoeic women, once a month, e.g. on their birthday.

During the examination, the woman should pay attention to the following on the breasts:

·         warts and moles, discoloration - do not enlarge or change color,

·         nipple discharge

·         areola around the nipple - it can change its regular shape,

·         change the shape or size of the breast

·         swollen lymph nodes under the armpit,

·         lumps and lumps on the breasts, around the nipple and under the armpit.

If a lump is detected in the breast, it is necessary to examine the same part of the other breast at the same time. If a woman notices a similar change
usually it is not dangerous (it may be genetically determined), but it requires medical consultation. In other cases, she should definitely contact a doctor and share her doubts. "



Stand in front of the mirror with your arms freely lowered. Take a close look at your entire breasts, nipples, and armpits.

Pay attention to whether there are any changes in their shape, position and size. Check the skin for wrinkles, dents, color changes. Do this also by raising your hands up ...

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… And resting your hands on your hips.

While gently squeezing the nipple, observe the appearance of serum or blood-colored discharge. Also, very carefully examine the top outer square of both breasts.

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Then put your left hand over your head and, with circular movements clockwise, carefully examine the left breast and repeat the same examination for the right breast.

Lying down, slide the pillow under your right shoulder and your right arm under your head. Examine the right breast and then the left breast with circular movements.

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Finally, check the condition of the lymph nodes. Lying on your back, place your right hand alongside your body and use your left hand to examine the entire armpit. Also examine the lymph nodes in the inverted position.

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