Health March "I love you life" -19.10.2019

Our flagship event, organized for over a dozen years. Together, in a large group of our supporters (city authorities, students, residents, motorcyclists) 
with colorful balloons and roses from Mr.Knedler in great mood, we travel the route from the City Hall to the Old Town Hall under the efficient care of policemen from Elbląg Drogówka. At the head of the march friendly motorcyclists; they want to convey their support to women by their presence. Younger men - volunteers from the Technical and IT School Complex are carrying banners of our association. School youth and preschoolers are carrying prepared
posters with slogans promoting a healthy lifestyle for the competition. After the march, we met in the Old Town Hall, where nurses from W.Sz.Z. they performed basic tests (sugar level measurement, IBM), there were also stands with rehabilitation products and cosmetics. It was possible to perform tests in the LUXMED mammobus (85 women underwent the study, 4 of them required further diagnostics). We invited all participants of the march to a tasting of "little something" prepared by the students of the Economic School Complex in Elbląg.

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